• Easy to use - very short learning curve.
  • Touch friendly user interface and customizable themes.
  • Easy & instant access to patient records and reports.
  • One click preview, for viewing reports on screen before printing.
  • Integrated help.
  • Users can define multiple procedures.
  • Multiple reporting templates/layouts for both plain and pre-printed stationary.
  • Effortless reporting with auto fill field values.
  • Print as many images as required.
  • Export patient report to PDF format.
  • New field values are automatically updated to masters for future reporting.
  • Lossless capture of High Definition Videos (1920x1080p).
  • Record videos in multiple formats like AVI, WMV etc.
  • Easy switching between preview and recording.
  • Overlay video clips with date/time, organization name or any other text to make it more informative & authentic.
  • Custom capture settings.
  • Capture stills while recording or play back in multiple formats like BMP, JPEG etc in desired quality.
  • Press & release foot switch to start video to capture still from running video..
  • Keep the foot switch pressed for 2sec to stop/start video recordings.
  • Integrated Backup and Restore options.

System Requirements


Processor - 2 GHZ
RAM - 2 GB
Disck Space- 2 GB
USB 3.0


Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista Sp2.

For all platforms, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest Windows Service Pack and critical updates to ensure the best compatibility and security.